Looking for participants!

Training Course M.E.E.T THE YOUTH in Greece!

The Covid-19 epidemic has pushed the biggest part of the world, including youngsters and youth workers, into a state of confinement for a long period, revealing thus an unpleasant reality: the agents of the non-formal education in most countries are not ready to ensure a quick and efficient transition from the traditional practices towards distance education which requires youth workers to adapt their services (assistance, mentoring) to online environment and tools. It is urgent to further promote the use of digital means within online environment in non-formal education.

We are looking for two participants from Austria to take part in a 10 training course in Lefkas (Greece) that will take place in January. All information on the course can be found in the info-pack.

If you want more information or have some questions write us: office@gainandsustain.eu.


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