The project
The Erasmus+ project Train2Sustain is a Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth whose main goal is to respond to the effects of Covid-19 in the fields of youth, culture and creative industries.
Partner organisations of the project come from Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Greece.
Intellectual Output 2
The project partners analyse current digital practices on digitizing art and creativity and evaluate their efficiency and dissemination potential to create a transferability manual.
Intellectual Output 3
Creation of a webspace that brings together all this information and bundles it into one responsive webspace adapted to the target group.
Learning and Teaching Activities
During the project, there will be 3 training activities for young artists and stakeholders.

About Train2Sustain

Train2Sustain helps to create added value and improve the resilience of our young artists and the creative industries, but it also raises awareness of the challenges of preserving diverse cultural offers in times of COVID-19.

Train2Sustain offers its participants opportunities for upskilling in terms of digital readiness and empowerment for a better handling of digital tools and innovative practices in the cultural sector, as well as opportunities for personal and professional development. Additionally, it creates further opportunities for an active collaboration and digital alternatives to analogue cultural life. For the participating organisations, Train2Sustain improves the competences in distance learning and exchange of know-how, while increasing the digital competences in digitizing arts and creativity. All staff and stakeholders become more responsive and sensitive to the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the target groups, while youth workers/ cultural managers from CCI sector become more confident in their networking, promotion and e-mentoring skills.

All outputs and results can be be found on the following website: www.train2sustain.net

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