Project BEST

Boosting Entrepreneurial Skills as Tool of Integration of migrants to labour market

Partner organisations of the project come from Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.
We develop of tools, methods, capacity building and exchange of experience.
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We implement integration strategies at local level for a sustainable inclusion of migrants

About BEST

The BEST project offers an opportunity to intensify and deepen the existing relationships between TCN, public authorities and NGOs while parallelly implementing European integration policies and leveraging the long-term economic potential of TCN.

We facilitate the management of migrant integration and designing a tailored training program with blended learning; deliver better and customised services matching the specific needs of TCN; define and implement more efficient integration strategies at local level for a sustainable inclusion of migrants and a fact-based public perception of migration; involve the different key actors on the integration of TCN into labour market in formal and informal level to enable their participation; build capacities and transfer the outcomes on European level by giving access to outputs and materials in several European languages on an open source online basis.

BEST Final Conference

Onthe 14th of June, Gain&Sustain:europe in cooperation with the project partners organised BEST Final Conference.

The Conference was organised in hybrid format, which meant that over 50 participants took part on-line via Zoom, while project partners travelled to Graz to participate in situ. It was a very emotional event, since it was the first face-to-face event since the outbreak of the Covid-19.
The participants had the opportunity to participate in several interesting sessions led by experts and project partners.


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