Empowering next generation for Accompanying & Guiding Elderly

The project
The project aims to promote intergenerational dialogue, improve youth volunteering frameworks of partner organisations, build bridges between elderly and young citizens by promoting exchange and volunteering to foster mental health & solidarity whilst enhancing social inclusion and participation of elderly people in society and promote common European values and spiritual care to foster mutual understanding between generations and partner organisations.
Partner organisations of this project come from Austria and Hungary.
engAGE activities include training youngsters’ key competences, train-the-trainer modules for volunteer managers, inter-regional cooperation and joint staff training, dissemination and multiplier activities

About engAGE

EngAGE is well aligned with the EU Youth Strategy and its 3 main objectives: To ENGAGE, by fostering young people's participation in civic life. To CONNECT, by connecting young people across the European Union and beyond, to foster voluntary engagement, learning mobility, solidarity and intercultural understanding. To EMPOWER young people by encouraging them to take charge of their own lives.

The project plans to do all this with young people, youth organisations and other organisers of youth work affecting the lives of young people on all levels; foster the development of citizenship competencies, support and develop opportunities for ‘learning to participate’, raising interest in participatory actions.

The umbrella topic of the project is diversity & inclusion of all members of society and the exchange of experiences that takes place when encouraging intergenerational dialogue. The participants in the training will develop the skills and competences to work with senior citizens contributing to "active aging" while developing their own project, thus enhancing their sense of initiative. The participants in the train-the-trainer activities will enhance their key competences in volunteer management and motivation, as well as their leadership skills in order to successfully work with young volunteers.


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