European Human Rights Network of Towns

The project
EUHRENET aims to adopt Human Rights as guiding norm of local governance. This should be reached through encouraging participatory democracy and promoting awareness on the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights. It further wants to develop joined recommendations, which contribute to the further refinement of the local and European.
Partner organisations of this project come from Portugal, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Malta, Czechia, and Germany
EUHRENET offers 4 open online events and 3 open on site events in 3 different partner countries, which are Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal


The European Human Rights Network of Towns (EUHRENET) aims at involving a wide range of decision-makers, human rights activists and European citizens from different social and professional backgrounds to foster a civic debate and an open dialogue between them, acting to develop sustainable public-private partnerships to counter discrimination and exclusion in Europe. Fostering participatory democracy and human rights, the European Human Rights Network of Towns will be working together with citizens and civil society on inclusive strategies for further development and implementation of local policies based on the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights. We represent as many as 12 towns of 12 different EU countries, supported by associated partners from 3 other EU Member States, and we together stand for diversity and inclusion at local and European levels. With this network, we want to address the growing need to consolidate local resources and hear from the local citizens about their needs and challenges to enjoy their human rights, the project will contribute to the development of new local civic activism groups and networks, promoting human rights, diversity and inclusion.

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