Diocese Graz-Seckau

The Diocese Graz-Seckau (DGS) was founded in 1218 with around 380 parishes. The DGS employs 10,000 people and counts on 40,000 volunteers working in different areas of social welfare, including youth. DGS has the best capacities to get access to valuable information and responsible stakeholders on public and institutional level when it comes to social inclusion and related policies. Our network of volunteers is reliable and wide-spread which guarantees a good dissemination and local impact of the projects implemented. For this reason, the DGS with its resources and know-how can lead the implementation of the project, especially to enhance strategic impact, sustainability of results and increase the added value for the target group. Altogether, having the Diocese Graz-Seckau as applicant in the project consortium will result in broad dissemination and socio-political significance of the project.


Gain&Sustain:Europe was founded in 2009 in Graz, Austria. The organisation aims to support social, economic and ecological sustainability in Europe and developing countries all over the world. We develop our services with heart and mind and are competent partners in funding consulting, project development and implementation as well as mediation and youth work. Our services are open to all people and offered in a networked context. In doing so, we value methodology and interdisciplinary thinking and acting. The active participation of representatives and partners from different stakeholder groups and perspectives enables a multidisciplinary approach and sustainable, win-win effective strategies for all involved.

A Szombathelyi Evangélikus Egyházközség Szeretetszolgálatáért Alapítvány

Our organization exists for more than 20 years, gathering experiences in the filed to build a strong network of stakeholders and volunteers at local, regional and national level. We cooperate with private entities as well as with multiples municipalities of our region, Vass. We work paralelally with the evangelical church of Szombathely, taking advantge of our resources and experience to implement multiple projects at local level on the topics of senior health (phsyical and mental health), sawing workshop for senior citiens, sport activities among others.We have a diverse catalogue of activities that aim at reaching members of our community regardless of their background. Our main aim is to work to connect our community to ensure that every body has a place in society.