shestart activities

International Train-the-trainer

As part of the shestart ERASMUS+ project, the international Train-the-trainer course with 8 participants (2 people from Feminds, 2 people from GSE, and 4 people from DA&DA) took part in December 2022 in Martinique. The course lasted eight days, and the participants exchanged their expertise and trained one another. On the one hand, social business-related tools, such as Social Business Model, was provided by GSE and Feminds, and on the other hand, Social Skills for working with young women at risk was provided by DA&DA. The Train-the-Trainer workshop ended with a workshop for a group of women who want to leave prostitution there to test the content with them. The workshop content mainly revolves around mindset issues (self-worth, self-confidence, environment, values, goals, habits, etc.). Additionally, the exchange took part in cooperation with Shiwa and Migrabilis.

Fotocredit: FEMINDS