Nabolagshager AS

Nabolagshager is a think-and-do tank that works with the social aspects of sustainable, urban development. As social entrepreneurs, they work with people, planet, and profit to make cities greener and more social. In their work, they participate in research projects and conduct social programming, while also obtaining funding from their services and products. They focus on social inclusion, transformation, and work with grassroots approaches. They connect communities and democratize knowledge by bridging research and on the ground challenges. Nabolagshager was established in 2013.


Gain&Sustain:Europe was founded in 2009 in Graz, Austria. The organisation aims to support social, economic and ecological sustainability in Europe and developing countries all over the world. We develop our services with heart and mind and are competent partners in funding consulting, project development and implementation as well as mediation and youth work. Our services are open to all people and offered in a networked context. In doing so, we value methodology and interdisciplinary thinking and acting. The active participation of representatives and partners from different stakeholder groups and perspectives enables a multidisciplinary approach and sustainable, win-win effective strategies for all involved.


KMOP - Social Action & Innovation Centre (est. 1977) is a leading Greek NGO missioned to build resilience, combat inequalities in opportunity and promote inclusive and sustainable social growth.

Their activities include the
• Provision of social services through decentralised facilities;
• Scientific research and development of know-how in social policy issues;
• Development and delivery of innovative educational programmes.

Their work extends, among others, in the areas of Education; Social inclusion and cohesion; Democracy and civic participation; Employment and social economy; Health promotion and well-being; Migration; Security and radicalisation; Gender equality; Rights of the child; Victims’ support and Human Trafficking; Discrimination and intolerance.

The organisation employs more than 100 in-house professionals with advanced degrees and several years of professional experience in the field. Their staff comes from diverse educational backgrounds and disciplines constituting a rich mix of sociologists, social policy analysts, public health and education specialists, psychologists, economists, legal experts and political scientists.

Organization Earth

Organization Earth is a Greek Non-profit Civil Society Organization founded in 2010 that promotes Sustainable Development, by offering programs of non-typical education and by facilitating community-based activities, with a focus on vulnerable populations living in urban centers.

A next-generation NGO that strives to serve all 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development, Organization Earth’s programs, services and partnerships address major social issues like long-term unemployment and migration, while leveraging new business models such as responsible social entrepreneurship, particularly related to the Green Economy, at the same time taking steps to tackle Climate Change by offering nature-based experiential learning activities.

Organization Earth has created long-term knowledge triangle alliances between local and international civil society members, academia, policy makers, private businesses, as well as citizens to solve social & environmental problems and to educate people of all ages to think and act as agents of change.

Xwhy / Agency of Understanding

Xwhy / Agency of Understanding is an advisory group focusing on clarity and meaning. From urban planning and policy making to leadership and product innovation – the team provides understanding of context and cultures that reveals sustainable solutions. Applying methods from human sciences – philosophy, anthropology, ethnography, behavioral economics - is the way of working with private and public sectors. Today majority of decisions, both in private and public sectors are driven by the technology and hard sciences only.

Specialising in applied humanities, their team is striving to humanize technology and explain how it fits social, cultural, ethical and other everyday contexts of employees, clients and partners. To find sustainable solutions in different projects XWHY connects experts from different areas, to share knowledge and work together towards one goal. XWHY claims that for sustainable development calculations are not enough and returns people with their needs to the centre of attention. They specialize in cases with a high degree of uncertainty where traditional models appear to be ineffective, thus they bring to the consortium great knowledge of qualitative methods of problem solving that enable to match innovation with customers’ needs and solve organisational and business challenges accordingly.

Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo Srl

Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo Srl (PLIS) is the in-house company of Province of Livorno and Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, established on 2000, a local public body located in Tuscany with a wide consolidated experience in EU projects implementation. The staff includes 15 employees with permanent contract. It is the managing organization for programs in which the Province of Livorno takes part as Equal, Interreg, Art.6 FSE, LLP, Twinning, Regional Programs, Criminal Justice Program, Lifelong Learning Program, Erasmus+, etc.


REFRAME is a think tank research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as Ethics, Innovation and Governance. It was established in 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The institute promotes social science focusing on social protection and inclusion, shared values including democracy, human rights, gender equality, youth protection and the richness of cultural diversity. Existing theories seem increasingly detached from real problems and global societal challenges. New approaches, policies and practices are needed to provide ethical and effective responses to contemporary issues and new governance paths and practices.